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Crooms Hill House

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"Originally we started looking for a new home in the Cotswolds and stumbled upon a newly completed renovated and fully interior designed home in Stanton 'The Dower House'. We immediately viewed and fell in love with the property, the quality of the workmanship and beautiful choice of interior was just what we were looking for. It was at this point that we first met Mark Lea.

Unfortunately the house was under offer, we waited to see if the sale went through as we had set our hearts on it. The sale did, however, at great disappointment to us go through. After a great deal of looking we found a new build close to our family in Hampshire. My wife said she would love to have Mark undertake the job of carrying out the full interior design work to make it into a traditional country home.

We approached Mark and asked if he would undertake the project which he did. He new instinctively what we wanted from the start and carried it through to completion with his usual skill and panache. We used to visit the house as it came together and just loved it more and more. Mark took a new box and turned it into a home of our dreams with country style and elegance.

We honestly cannot thank him enough as without him we would not have achieved this beautiful home, we cannot recommend him highly enough".

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