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Garden Room

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"One Sunday afternoon my wife and I were relaxing in our conservatory enjoying the winter sunshine and I just happened to say to my wife Sue - 'why did we not wallpaper the adjacent wall'. Mmm! 'well lets go and have a look at wallpapers and find a matching pattern that would be suitable'.

To cut a long story short after spending several frustrating days hunting neither of us could agree on a choice that suited us both!

Then came , what turned out to be a eureka moment - do you remember the chap called Mark Lea who does interior design (mentioned awhile ago by a mutual friend) - lets give him a ring and ask his advice.

Well - we started off with a fairly typically average conservatory on the side of our cottage which has now been turned into what we can only say is now a stunning! professionally designed 'Garden Room' with beautifully coordinated wallpaper, fabrics, curtains and furniture - a delight to behold! - and one we could only previously have dreamed about or admired longingly in the Ideal Homes magazine.

Thank you Mark for your natural skill and expertise and the easy professional manner in which you gave us exactly what we wanted and for project managing and coordinating the whole process from start to finish - our Garden Room give us great delight and a room in which we spend most of our time in unadulterated luxury!"